Healthy Digestion Formulation
Healthy Digestion Formulation

Healthy Digestion Formulation

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How you digest your food can be as important as what you choose to eat. This proprietary blend encourages your body to resolve digestive issues and proactively prevent further distress by solving the root proble. Natural herbs quickly go to work to help you find the right acid and alkaline balance, aid digestion, and reduce bloating. This results in more regular food passage, reducing constipation or diarrhea. Now you can feel good after eating every meal and stay comfortable throughout the day.

The Raha Guarantee

All of our herbs are 100% natural, sourced from the finest cultivars and formulated for maximum efficiency. They’re vegan and gluten-free, do not require a prescription and have no side effects. Made from the finest ingredients on earth and backed by scientific studies, we guarantee all of our products to be safe, natural, and effective.

➣ Terminalia chebula (250mg)

➣ Terminalia chebula bellirica (100mg)

➣ Cassia fistula (135mg)

➣ Anethum graveolens (150mg)

➣ Piper longum (15mg)

➣ Piper nigrum (15mg)

➣ Zingiber officinale (15mg)

➣ Sodium chloride (50mg)

Digestive health

Our formulation works as a potent anti-fungal and specifically designed to optimize digestive function

skin hair skin hair


The gut and the skin are intimately connected. When your gut is happy, your skin glows

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We've packed a bunch of anti-oxidants in this formulation to quell inflammation in the gut, and throughout the body

What's inside?

Terminalia chebula 

Rich in bioactive, anti-oxidant compounds like tannins, chebulinic acid, and gallic acid, which contribute to its diverse health benefits.


Contains Piperine and Piperlongumine and exerts potent anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properites

Zingiber officinale

Stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and exerts anti-inflammatory effects on the gut

piper nigrum

Helps maitain gut motility, promotes diverse microbiome and maitains intestinal integrity


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