We Help You Heal Your Body 100% Naturally

Access the time-tested superpower of plant-based supplements, clinically formulated through rigorous scientific testing so you can optimize your body.

The practice of herbal medicines is almost as old as humanity itself, but it's time honored wisdom has been lost in the modern age.

We want to empower everybody to take advantage of the immense power contained in herbal medicines. We've used cutting-edge scientific research to formulate therapeutic botanicals to optimize your health and treat a wide range of conditions.
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Vegan & plant based

All our products are vegan friendly and 100% plant-based

Scientifically proven

Each supplement is backed by numerious scientific studies which demonstrate their potency clinically

highly efficacious

We've formulated all our supplements with dosages proven to be highly efficacious.

100% Natural

All our products are vegan-friendly and 100% plant-based.

100% Effective

Every supplement is backed by clinically proven lab science.

No Side Effects

Experience nature's powerful healing with zero side effects.

The Right Supplements
For You

We’ve collected potent superfoods and herbs that empower you to take charge of your health and feel better. Want to know which herbs and supplements are right for you?
Get a personalized assessment.

The Perfect Blend of
Nature and Science

Raha’s specially formulated supplements are rooted in
an ancient tradition of healing through all-natural
plant-based herbs and supplements. But it’s also blended
with clinically studied and proven effective doses of herbs.

What our customers are saying


I've been using Raha for 6 months now and have noticed a significant boost in my energy and drive on a daily basis.

Yusef M.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Raha's products have definitely been a critical part of my weight loss journey, and I couldn't recommend them more.

Tawfiq L.
Dubai, UAE

After a couple of weeks of taking Raha's Natural Advanced Skin supplement, I noticed my skin is noticeably softer and seems to glow like never before

Fatima R.
Sharjah, UAE

I've been taking Miracle Tree alongisde my morning coffee for 3 weeks now. It definitely gives me more energy and zest for life. Really happy so far.

Kayla P.
Dubai, UAE

Raha Healthy Digestion Formulation has really helped speed up my transit time and significantly reduced bloating after meals. I would recommend this product!

Nasir R.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

I had a problem in my knee joint, which has really cleared up since taking Raha Natural Tumeric

Zara M.
Fujairah, UAE